- Apollo have been teasing us with images of the Intensa Emozione

New Apollo Model To Be Unveiled On 24th October!

2y ago


German manufacturer, Apollo Automobil have been teasing us with images of the upcoming model, named the Intensa Emozione.

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A teaser video from Apollo Automobil!

We know from the video that the IE will sound amazing, and Apollo have told us that the chassis will be made entirely from carbon fibre, making it rigid, yet lightweight. Rumours suggest that the new IE model will feature the same 4.0L twin turbo V8 as in the Arrow concept, released in 2016.

The new model will have a bespoke carbon fibre chassis - Image from Apollo Automobil

Apollo Automobil employs just 45 people. Now with financial backing from China, the company has moved it's resources from Germany to Italy, where the Intensa Emozione will feature a 3 day launch event, from 24-26 October.

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