New Aston Martin Vantage – Thoughts?

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The coming of the new Aston Martin Vantage has been something of a nervous wait for me. Aston's new aesthetic direction that they first showcased on the DB11 hasn't been one I've warmed to, primarily because it appears to me to be a step backwards from their now defunct design language.  

The old Vantage was a car I was particularly fond of, so much so, that on a list of the Top 15 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made, I ranked the old V8 Vantage at No1. Whether you agree with that or not, I think we can all agree that we wanted the new Vantage to also be a stunner. Despite my reservations, I wanted nothing more than the new Vantage to steal every ounce of breath out of my lungs with a beauty I had not encountered before. And now, after all this time, the new Vantage is finally here. And this is what it looks like...  

With any new Aston, the looks are of the utmost importance. Nobody buys an Aston because they're dynamically sharper than the competition – because they aren't; nobody buys an Aston because they're amazingly less expensive than anything else – because they're not; and nobody buys an Aston because they can outpace anything when the throttle hits the floor – because they can't. People buy them because the car bewitched them with its phenomenally beautiful outer skin, and its heavenly engine and soundtrack. 

I've seen a few people say that they like how the new Vantage looks – but I've seen far more people say that they think it looks rather ugly. And, despite awaiting it with the most open of minds, I am really rather heartbroken to say that I too think it's something of a minger.  

To my eyes, it almost looks like a DB10 that's been taken by Rockstar, and dissected into a Grand Theft Auto Online rip-off. The front looks like it's having half a face transplant, and the back looks completely deformed, like it's melting in zero-gravity.  

In hindsight then, from my perspective at least, waiting for the new Vantage was a process akin to sitting over a toilet, waiting to vomit; you can feel it coming, and when it happens, you know it isn't going to be pretty. But now I want to know what you guys think of the new Vantage? Are you loving the way it looks? Or have you been left feeling sick? You can vote below.  

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Photo Credits: Aston Martin

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