New Audi RS4 Avant spied testing in snow

Expected release next year

2y ago

The new Audi RS4 Avant has been spied testing in the snow and by joe does it look good.

To keep up with other manufacturers, Audi have invested £500 million into the A4 range, hopefully resulting in a pretty good final result which is expected to be released sometime next year.

These photos reveal Audi’s new front and slightly smaller front grille. As you can see form the rear, there is an updated rear bumper and squared off exhaust. Along with new rear lights and spoiler.

Obviously there is heavy camouflage on the RS4 but you can see a few changes.

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Comments (1)

  • It’s good to see a reduction in front grill size. Audi has allowed it to get pretty voluminous recently.

      2 years ago