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New Beginnings

Sunday 20th 2015: 10:41 am

3w ago


Mornin people of the internet Sparrow McGee back once again, last night was downright the best BNS ball I’ve ever been to. If you read last night’s blog post you probably saw that things weren’t all that flash for me, the team was breaking up Luc was heading to Sydney, Billy turned his back on me and I had failed to tell Mary how I feel. But since last night a lot has happened Billy final stood up and was there for me, I had gotten myself into a bit of mud fight with these 3 thugs when suddenly my good mate Billy jumps in, this act from Billy gave me enough confidence to finally tell Mary that I’m in love with her and that I’m her man and she’s my girl, the best part.. she said YES! Not only did I convince Mary to stay I actually managed to get with her!! what a night I cannot believe it. YES! HELL YES!

me and Mary

me and Mary

Besides me and Mary getting together finally after many, many, many years Billy and Lucy finally got together and became a couple, everyone had a feeling it could happen one day. Billy had one night to wake up to his true feelings with his best mate or lose her forever and he finally did. I called it!

HA After all these years I finally feel FREE all because I expressed my feelings and didn’t doubt myself all it takes is the courage to do something different, I guess I ended up rolling a 6 after all.

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