New Beginnings

2y ago


'80s motoring as much as I enjoy the ‘edge of your seat experience’ had taken its toll on me after over a year. I subsequently hated: rain, mornings, speed humps, putting the clutch in, reversing and people. My beloved E30 leaked, gave me confidence in some new issue cropping up every morning, gave my anxiety over speed bumps due to fears of smashing my sump, the clutch master cylinder was going so on its final drive, reverse lights never worked so carparks were more or less a guessing game as to how intelligent the driver behind me was and I just don’t like people in general.

So, I needed to get rid of my first real car love, something I had put my blood sweat and tears into (not to mention numerous pay checks). Obviously the E30 had taught me a lot over the past year, about not just mechanical work but about what really matters in life. Do what you love, love what you do and don’t really let anyone else tell you otherwise. What a cracker of a little car minus the grand list earlier. Fast forward after some solid time wasters asking about the car and a very clean sale later I had some cash in my back pocket, with a desire to own something to please the people in my life while not ending up with a Toyota Corolla 1.8L Jap econobox.

BMW, what a brand! My admittedly short car history has proven I quite fancy them. Iv managed to turn some non-believers to the brands mystical healing powers. With the items needed in an ideal car including: 6 cylinder, manual, sunroof and a tailgate. The search began. Rather coincidentally, I had been in touch with a guy selling his wagon. A slight unicorn of a car, but a full M-Sport, 328i, manual………WAGON!… sunroof, but that could be overlooked and cured with an angle grinder, right?

We’re in Auckland and the car is in Hamilton, and it just so happens that it is winter. People with a keen eye will find that this is sort of a tradition among us. 2 years ago at this time, Rory had bought a $1000 Merc S-Class from basically the middle of nowhere. A year ago, he got the Caddy. This year however, I was after something from out of town. The usual order of things, get up early, meet up at my place and set off for our first stop, the Golden Arches at the Drury service center. (Obligatory hotcake photo ensues).

Obligatory hotcake photo as promised

Fast forward an hour of hiccup-free driving and we pull into the street to find this guy patiently waiting.

Formalities aside, I feel as though this car is for me. It’s the perfect mixture of space, luxury and power, a people pleaser so to speak. Its relatively tidy, dark metallic purple, techno violet metallic some might suggest. Just a nice car overall, it just needed someone who appreciates what it is and can be to give it some attention. Hi my name is Rohil.
Cash exchanged. Ownerships changed. Off we go into the sunset! (Admittedly, there was no sunset due to it being about 11am).

Upon closer inspection once bought, the rear guards which for a relatively rare car, probably deserved to be rolled with something other than a baseball bat and a piece of pipe. Maybe it deserved to be lowered on something other than what I suspect are ‘Makita-One Ways’ (unfamiliar with this term? Please see clarification picture below for well um, clarification). Oh and just one more thing, the exhaust cackles like a REAL M3! Which would be great, if it didn’t happen while im doing 30 kmph through a township in 2nd, having to duck the stern gazes of the old people who largely populate the area I live in. Ah well, at least Rory likes my “Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Makita one way nonadjustable suspension upgrade

JOY! (They love to hate on bimmers, but when it comes to driving them…)

I skipped all the details of the drive home because basically it consisted of Marty driving the Mazda 3 which kind of went zoom zoom zoom, I drove the new noble steed with no issues. After a quick stop at Hampton Downs to catch some grassroots drifting (which looked like great fun) we headed straight home. Yeah, spending some decent money for a decent car tends to not have any heart stopping moments along the way. WARNING: Expect the modding progress to be slow on this one #studentlyf. In the words of Mike Brewer himself, “See you on the next episode, tah-la”.

The Mazda we have… #rotang

Sitting pretty on Schnitzel reps, pork and apple, my favourite mmm

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