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A​ young man's perspective

37w ago

H​ello Drivetribe Community! My name is Cain, and the first thing you should know about me is that I am stir-crazy about cars, so I believe I am in the right place.

I​ am a 19 year old car enthusiast, currently driving a VW Polo GTI, Mark 6. Naturally, my weekends are spent washing, waxing, and polishing the 'Reef Blue' Metallic paintwork and cleaning the 18" Brescia Alloys, as any respectable petrol-head should be doing. I am currently studying an Accounting Apprenticeship, but I wanted to fill my spare time with something that I am truly passionate about. Inevitably, I turned to cars...

I​ am hoping to begin doing my own car reviews, with my own unique spin on things. I have a few initial ideas and plans in mind, but I would love any advice that anyone can give me - please get in contact with me if you feel you have any kind words to help get me started. I understand that a lot of people will feel that at such a young age, my views on cars would not be worth listening to. However, I feel the world is missing a youthful outlook on the world of motoring!

Having said this, f​or my age, I feel like I have a good amount of motoring experience to start something like this, from driving part of Route 66 in a VW Tiguan to cruelly just missing out on driving a lap of the Nurburgring (that is a story for later). Hopefully, the more content I can come up with and share, the more more experienced and well-versed I will become.

I​ am extremely excited to begin this journey and I have a lot of optimism of where I can take this!

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  • Hey Cain, I'm looking forward to it 👍

      8 months ago