New CA Exhaust Law Explained and Questions Answered

AB 1825 and VC 27150 means NO MORE LOUD EXHAUSTS IN CALIFORNIA....and it could bleed over to other states soon...

2y ago

We need to make this CLEAR upfront, I (marly) am NOT a lawyer, this is my interpretation of the law that I've spent a few days researching. In this video, I answer commonly asked questions, explain AB 1824, and dive deep in VC 27150. The reason WHY I only dig into VC 27150 and NOT VC 27151 (AB 1824 DOES affect VC 27151) is that this is the most common exhaust citation given.


If you RECIEVE a VC 27150 or VC 27151, you MUST take your vehicle to State Ref. HOWEVER, you STILL need to PROVE your exhaust was in compliance WITH THE LAW AT THE TIME THE CITATION WAS RECEIVED - It is to provide evidence to a Judge that the officer was incorrect in giving you this citation. Document, Document, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.



A petition was started Jan 3rd, 2019 and as we write this, it currently has over 170,000 signatures from around the world. If you have a moment, or love cars, think about cars, drove in a car once, whatever it may be, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. We need as many signatures as we can to bring this to bigger media attention and get this law changed!


(For Sources and more resources on AB 1824 and this new 2019 CA exhaust law please go here and read the description)

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  • To be honest, I know that it is beneficial for the environment and the communities in California and that is great, almost. I know for a fact that, without even being a car guy and letting that bias get in the way, this is just another one of California's cash collecting tactics.

      2 years ago
  • When will you people say enough is enough and tell the elected vermin who confiscate your paychecks and regulate you into slavery to shove it up there collective rears ?

      2 years ago
  • Ca doesn’t allow new two strokes in the summer and are trying to ban them. I can’t street legalize my 250 which makes me very angry. Enough to buy the crew 2. Overall just skip the petition and get a gun and fo what’s best and storm the state capital

      2 years ago
  • The world is going to crap. Now I know for sure. Not only do they want to quiet people up from freedom of speech but they also want our cars to be paddleboats

      2 years ago
  • petition signed and shared. WARNING! use your spam email address for signing the petition

      2 years ago