New Cars 2020

Here is my short guide and opinion on the upcoming cars of this ye

A new year means new cars. This year promises many new cars. Some will succeed, some will fail. Here’s my guide to this year (and beyond) in car terms.

We’ll start with Alfa Romeo, as they are in need of a healthy year. As they have foolishly binned their plans for a new 8C and GTV, the only new car on the horizon is the Tonale SUV. Not a bad looking thing to be fair, but I highly doubt it will steal customers from the Germans. An updated Giulia and Stelvio are also inbound.

On to another shaky Italian, Maserati. They plan to launch the beautiful Alfieri gran tourer, but they planned that for last yea, and it’s not here. The struggling existing models, the Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte will also be refreshed.

Ferrari will no doubt have a positive year in terms of profit, as the Roma and 812 GTS go on sale. It would also be of no surprise to me if they churned out another front engined V8 GT, that should’ve been a Maserati. But the headline at Maranello is the SF90 Stradale. The hybrid £400k monster, that might just have the performance to match a LaFerrari. To be honest, this is the only hybrid hypercar that I have any interest in. I find the Lotus Evija/ Pininfarina Battista/ Rimac crew very tedious. Similar to Ferrari, Lamborghini also have a hybrid hypercar in the shape of the Sian. Not entirely settled on the styling I must say, but I’m sure it will sound ace.

But of course, Ferrari and Lamborghini will need to fight, as McLaren plans to have another blistering year. A longtail version of the 720s, named 750LT is on the cards, while the Speedtail and Elva will hit the roads. Unless something goes horribly wrong, Mclaren will have another successful calendar, and that LT will be unbeatable.

After launching the absurd and hideous DBX, Aston Martin are back to making delcious sports cars. A V12 speedster to rival the McLaren Elva is coming, while the upcomimg Vantage Volante will no doubt be beautiful. In fact, Britain looks to have a strong calender. The new Land Rover Defender is surely the main talking point, and I would rather like one in the Commercial specification. Rolls Royce has a new Ghost coming to rival Bentley’s lovely Flying Spur, while Jaguar will have a new XJ, and that badly facelifted F Type. Mini will bring out the wild GP, and the all electric Mini will be on the market. Vauxhall had a rather depressing 2019, ending production of the VXR8 and launching a few crap crossovers. But there is hope, in the form of the new Corsa. An electric version is coming, but also the VXR will be returnig. I must admit I’m excited for the new VXR.

Lastly, on to the big German boys, whom of which will no doubt be churning out new niches, at higher rate than ever. Last year Audi gave us the very questionable and odd A1 Citycarver, so who knows what we’ll get this year. Mercedes will hopefully give us the AMG GT-R Black Series, and that nightmare, the GLS Maybach goes on sale. BMW will follow Audi in the niche department, but also launch the M2 CS, which will be brilliant, at a price. BMW’s cooler cousin Alpina will launch a few cars, all of which will be exquisit, except the XB7 of course. You can’t polish a turd. Things will be busy at Wolfsburg, with the arrival of a new Golf. It has already been given great reviews, and the inbound GTI and R will reset the benchmark. The ID3 will also end up being the best electric car by a mile.

Seat’s bronze performance division, at last might be making a hot hatch. There are rumours of an all elelctric fast Leon, and that weird Formentor coupe/ SUV thing will be made. Also Seat will launch a rebadged Volkswagen ID3, called the El Born. How very VW Group.

At Porsche, another great year looks to be shaping up. A new 718 Cayman GTS with the GT4’s engine sounds pretty tasty, as does the inbound GT4 RS, which should give the 911 GT3 RS a run for its money. The new 992 will also be given some treatment, as a rapid new Turbo, and manual GT3 are in the works.

Elswhere, Honda’s adorable “E” electric city car will hit the road, Toyota is making an all wheel drive homologation special Yaris, and Ford will launch it’s horrible Puma ST. Oh, and Nissan has no new cars planned, and Tesla will release the Model S and X “Plaid”. According to trustworthy Tesla, that means three motors. Of course it does, and the windows are extremly strong, strong enough to withstand things like rocks. Happy new Year

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