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W​ell, now. Would ya looky heeerreee... I like the layout of this place. Let's see how it goes, this time.

These are a couple of brands that are new to me, and I’m pleasantly surprised by their level of detail! The Range Rover Vogue is from LCD and the S Class is from MCE. I would say the RR is solidly at the level of TLV-N, while the S Class is JUST a hair beneath TLV-N. They are both lovely to look at. I could just stare at their detail.

The RR is pretty much a 10/10. I cannot find a fault with it. If you look at one of the pictures at the end, you’ll even be able to see the red brake calipers. The color is more or less my favorite color and the quality of the paint seems to be very good. You can see the flake! Even the interior is very well done.

The S Class has a MINOR negative, in that it doesn’t roll and its front license plate is slightly crooked. Other than that, I think it’s another fabulous piece to add to the collection. I also think the hood ornament it has, makes up for the license plate.

Given the chance, I believe I may add these models in other colors. I went for these because of their colors. I also managed to score a few castings that have eluded me! I hope you enjoy the shots :)

PS: Would any of you like to see me do a post on Kowalski’s Garage?

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