New Electric Pickup Trucks Coming Up!

Electric Pickup Trucks

1y ago

Pickup trucks and practical have always been synonyms. Not only practical, but also capable. Capable of power, capable of weight, capable of towing, capable of offroading and climbing, and capable of extreme conditions.

What powers these capable beasts is a monstrous combustion engine. An engine powerful enough for everything a pickup truck needs to do. But, what if we took out these engines and instead put electric motors? We would end up with an electric pickup truck! The question, however, is that, would electric pickup trucks be as powerful as the gas ones we see right now? Many companies are boasting that that their electric pickups could outperform those we see on the roads right now.

The electric pickup truck segment has become very popular. There are many new companies that are trying their luck at making these "Safe for the environment trucks." However, some companies are standing more prominent compared to others. Surprisingly, many of these are new startups. Startups such as Rivian, Lordstown, and Nikola. Some other ones include Atlas, Bollinger, and Neuron.

Not only startups, but also any existing companies are also electrifying their pickups or adding new ones to their lineup. For example, Ford recently released their new F-150, which they are going to make an electric variant for. GM has also talked about making a 400 mile range electric pickup truck. Also, the GMC Hummer is also returning, this time being electric!

However, the most promising and unique truck seems to be the all-new Tesla Cybertruck, which created a lot of headlights for a long time even after its much-awaited release. When we compare numbers, the Cybertruck seems to have won all the categories, including seating since it can seat 6 people.

Only time can tell which of these pickup trucks will make it big and which ones won't. Will these green trucks become more mainstream than the gas ones in the coming years?

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