New entry-level McLaren is a 600bhp PHEV

    The car will highlight's McLaren's entry into an electrified era.

    Ever since the P1 was first introduced in 2012, McLaren has been committed to constantly attempting to one-up the new cars in the 'Sports Series' range. Now however, McLaren is about to replace the range with an all-new car, set to be launched and go on sale next year.

    According to the company, the new car will be part of the new High Performance Hybrid (HPH), which will be positioned between the 'Super Series' range and the 'GT' range, which means that it will very likely be more expensive than the current cars in the 'Sports Series' roster.

    Rendering of the new car done by Autocar.

    Rendering of the new car done by Autocar.

    Although the car's looks are reminiscent to that of the 570S, the car features several new technologies such as carbonfibre-rich underpinnings, a new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture tub, and a new twin-turbocharged V6 combined with a PHEV system that will replace the previously used 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8. Total bhp output is expected to be between 562 and 600.

    It seems therefore that McLaren is heading in the direction of Ferrari who have also created an all-new PHEV supercar, and based on how good that car was, I have great faith that McLaren's engineers will do a fine job at creating an amazing rocket for the new age.

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    • If it looks anything like the Autocar render, it'd be right up on the below-freezing end of the Cool Wall for me.

        29 days ago
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