New EU laws have banned Rolls-Royce's glowing Spirit of Ecstasy

    The EU Big Brother strikes again

    EU rules have been dictating every move in our lives for a few years now and when I say 'our lives', what I actually mean is the way we buy and use cars. Almost every regulation the EU commission comes up with has to do with one of two things: pedestrian safety or emissions. I suppose banning the glowing Spirit of Ecstasy in Rolls-Royce has very little to do with the former and something to do with the latter BUT, this is what the EU said, also aims to "crack down on light pollution".

    Rolls-Royce had to remove the £3,500 option because it no longer complies with EU Regulation 48 'UNECR48 "concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the installation of lighting and light signaling devices". The DoT and the UK's VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) sent out a note to confirm that "Illuminated bonnet ornaments are not permitted by the EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval". Rolls-Royce has indeed confirmed that it's no longer producing the glowing version of the emblem and even though the option is technically still available with a 'price on request' tag, customers who've already ticked that box when building their cars, will receive a full refund.

    As a consequence, it seems the company thought it best to just get rid of this option altogether, even for non-EU customers. A spokesperson for Rolls-Royce said that in February 2019, the company "sent out our dealers a bulletin saying we were removing the option of an unlit Spirit of Ecstasy. It came off the options list. Sadly, we are telling our customers that we will by law have to disconnect their Spirit of Ecstasy. We felt it our moral obligation. We sold this option in very good faith. We are forced to retract it now through no fault of our own".

    If you already own a Rolls-Royce with the glowing Spirit of Ecstasy - it was available for the Cullinan, the Phantom and the Wraith - you might want to hold on the car. Who knows, it might become a future classic.

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    • Thank God this happened! I can't count the amount of times I was walking down the road and got blinded by a tiny hood ornament on a rolls royce. Thank you EU and Heil Merkel!

        1 month ago
      • I know, right?! I have the same exact problem. Literally all cars sold every day anywhere in the EU are Rolls-Royce equipped with that annoyingly bright thing and I'm glad they did something about it

          1 month ago
      • When it comes to Merkel the whole EU would again drive Trabant.

        40 years waiting time...

          1 month ago
    • Government intrusion- damn I love bureaucracy.

      Light polution my tooty patooty. It’s a power grab and nothing more. If anything it would be safer for pedestrians as they can see it right before they get hit for standing in the damn road! 🤦‍♂️

        1 month ago
    • That tiny glowing thing is contributing towards light pollution? I want some of what They're Smoking!

        1 month ago
      • I'm so tired of these OMNIPRESENT Rolls-Royces flooding the streets with their glowing emblems. It's like you can't even set foot outside your door without being blinded by your neighbour's Cullinan, right? 🤦‍♂️

          1 month ago
      • Precisely, couldn't have said it better myself 😁👍

          1 month ago
    • The government when they notice the glowing spirit of ecstasy:

        1 month ago
    • Light pollution, I think its time to take away pollution and safety from politicians vocabulary, if they can’t explain why this is a problem, they should be sacked

        1 month ago


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