New EV subscription service promises to allow people to dodge ULEZ fees

London-based Wagonex claims that its subscribers will be able to save money when driving in the ULEZ, as they will not have to pay charges.

From October 25th, the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is going to expand, and more people will have to pay charges for driving polluting vehicles in the area. One company that claims to have the solution to this problem is Wagonex.

In a press release, the company stated, "For a motorist who uses his or her car for work, and drives in the capital Monday-Friday, that will add up to an eye-watering £550 a month. But, with fully electric cars being totally exempt from both charges...savvy drivers can trade-in their older internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles for brand new eco-friendly alternatives - and still save money.

For example, an electric BMW i3 supplied by Wagonex would offer a saving of over £100 per month… And that’s before fuel savings and other running costs are eliminated."

Currently, Wagonex offers consumers 4 vehicles, including the i3, when they subscribe to the service. It's no surprise that the company is confident in their success, as a recent poll by Yonder revealed that 28% of respondents are sceptic about purchasing an electric vehicle, but would be interested in trying one for a month.

Although I have been sceptical about subscription-based car services like the one made by Lynk & Co, I am willing to see how this is going to work out, because this could be a good scheme for people who still don't feel confident about owning an electric vehicle.

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  • Yup, businesses are discovering that EVs are just as lucrative as any other car, when the business model is well thought through. Here, you are essentially being sold a replacement car in the form of a planned package. Busy, tired London commuters can sort out their costly lives far, far more easily using these kind of deals. Sure, you could get it cheaper doing it all yourself, but not that many people want to go through the complexity, paperwork and face-to-face-flogging-your-old-car hell that the DIY route presents them with. A really good idea, and just at the right time.

      10 days ago