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New Ferrari Portofino M Packs 612 Horsepower

Ferrari's convertible grand tourer gets more power and technology in the Portofino M.

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Key Points:

1. Ferrari has announced the Portofino M, a more powerful version of the Portofino.

2. Its key added features include a 20+ horsepower boost, new chassis technology, and an 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

3. It should cost around $215,000 and go on sale in mid-2021.


Ferrari has announced that the Portofino roadster will get updates with the Portofino M, which adds appearance items, technology, a new transmission, and, most importantly, more power. The M stands for modificata, which, if you couldn't already deduce, stands for modified in Italian. This isn't a new word to appear on a Ferrari vehicle, it signifies a technological advancement such as tuning or chassis upgrades. If there's anything that can keep petrolheads content during these difficult times, it's a new Ferrari.

Exterior Changes

Added appearance items include re-sculpted air vents in its front bumper, and a new rear bumper with a redesigned diffuser. Otherwise, the exterior remains the same.

Interior Changes

The cabin of Ferrari's entry-level GT convertible gains a manettino dial on the steering wheel that adds Race mode to the existing Wet, Comfort, Sport, and Electronic Stability Control settings. In addition, the brake pedal has less travel in order to make decelerating slightly easier and heated and ventilated front seats are optional. Similar to the exterior, everything else is familiar, with the same 10.3-inch infotainment screen still being included.

Performance Update

New camshaft profiles, tuning tweaks, an updated exhaust, and a dual clutch automatic transmission all come together to add 21 horsepower to the Portofino's V8 engine, making it total a Roma matching 612.


The M will go on sale in Europe in late spring of 2021 with a starting price that is equivalent to $243,000 USD. As for the U.S, it should start around $219,000-$222,000-so, not cheap.


Ferrari's entry-level GT convertible has a new version, and it comes with more power-who can complain about that? With a stunning design and more features, the Portofino M is the perfect Grand Tourer.

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Comments (2)

  • Its a good looking car but if i m spending over 200k on a ferrari i guess i will go for ROMA🤤.

      7 months ago
  • Good looking car. 👍

      7 months ago