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What's special about the new edition to the Ranger name

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Now before I get into a saying anything about this car I need to mention one thing. I'm from South Africa and here the pick-up truck is referred to as a bakkie(pronounced bucky) so every time I say bakkie in this article please know I am referring to the Thunder.

Now this generation of Ranger first came to life in 2012. When it first came out you could only really spec the single or double cab. Later we got the WildTrak. After this we got an update of the Ranger, followed by the Ranger Raptor and now behold, the Thunder.

Engine and Specifications

Now the Ranger Thunder isn't some prettier looking version of the Raptor, it's actually a more menacing version of the Wildtrak (the Raptor is still the big daddy). Now this car comes in 3 states of tune. A 197 horsepower(147kw) 3.2 litre 5 cylinder that's rear wheel drive and has a 6 speed automatic. A 2.0 litre bi-turbo 4 cylinder with 210 horsepower(157kw) with 4x2 or a 4x4 with the same engine and the 10 speed automatic.

Off-road credentials are as follows: 230mm ground clearance, 800mm wading depth and towing capacity is a good 3500kg, so this bakkie is still a tough work horse regardless of the prettier looks.

Exterior Design

The exterior design is the real treat here. Now I'm gonna be completely blunt here, it's black. It's got an ebony black paint, powder coated roof rails, black mesh grille and 18" black rims. Luckily there's red accents so there's no overkill with the black paint. The car features red accents on the nostrils surrounding the front grille, 3D style "Thunder" badges on the tailgate and 2 front doors and red strips on the sports bar. Any South African that likes bakkies who sees this will probably like...they really will like.


Now the interior is not as special as the exterior so I guess you'll be more happy to look at it then sit inside it. All you get in the interior that's new is red stitching, Thunder stitched into the seats and some dead cow, that's about it.


In SA where we call this a bakkie:

R711 600 for the 3.2 litre 4x2

R736 000 for for the 2.0 litre 4x2

R787 000 for the 2.0 4x4

In America where it's a pick up truck:

It doesn't exist because Ford won't sell it to you, soz guys.

As for Europe it will cost:

Starts from £32 965 for the UK

€36 920 for the rest of Euro nations

It is limited edition bakkie with only 4 500 heading for Europe and no official number for SA but I doubt we'll have many. So if you wanna buy one I would recommend breaking the piggy bank...and if yours is empty, break someone else's, I recommend it.

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