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New game called Hell Road VR

You can ride an unusual motorbike in a world populated by zombies and tackle them with different kind of weaponry.

The early access release of Hell Road VR will be available on Steam scheduled for September 30. Hell Road VR is an action-adventure game played from the first person perspective. It offers the player an exciting and uncommon mechanic of riding a motorbike moving fast in the VR environment. The game challenges you to rush through a zombie crowded wasteland before the time runs out. At times, you will force your way through hordes of fierce zombies while riding on a back of an impressive motorbike and shooting from all barrels. The motorbike is steered by tilting the body right or left. For the best gaming experience, we recommend to play Hell Road VR in a sitting position.

There's a wide range of short and long range weapons to use: handguns, machine guns or even a grenade launcher. Fans of melee weapons will be able to feel like medieval knights wielding a lance and spearing zombies.

The motorbike is your only friend in this apocalyptic wasteland. It may be modified with parts that transform it into another deadly weapon against zombies.

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