New Gazoo Racing Hot-Hatch?!

Toyota has teased the Toyota GR Corolla

6w ago

After the reveal of the Corolla Cross, there is another Corolla still to come, and this time it is more spectacular, I promise.

So what has happened? Well, the official Instagram-Account of Toyota of USA has posted a picture of a blue Corolla. So is that everything? No, look closer to the left side of the image, and you will spot a camouflaged Corolla. If we look closely, we can see a big grill and big alloy wheels as well. We can be sure that this mysterious car is the new GR Corolla!

Exterior Design

Sadly, the low resolution of the image does not allow us to inspect the car too much. The only noticeable things are a larger grill and alloy wheels. On the side of the car, we can see the words “GR FOUR”, the name of Gazoo Racing’s 4-Wheel Drive system, which suggest that the GR Corolla will be 4-Wheel Drive. Thus far, that is everything official. Though of course, there are still rumours. Apparently, the GR Corolla will be only available as a Hatchback. That means, no saloon or estate versions like the standard model. Also, the GR Corolla should be available as a 4-door. If a 2-door version will be available is not known yet. Obviously, the GR Corolla should be wider than the standard model and also will have plenty of little features in order to make it look sporty.

Low resolution warning: This is currently the only picture of the GR Corolla

Low resolution warning: This is currently the only picture of the GR Corolla


From the interior we can expect a mix of the standard Corolla and the GR Yaris. The base design will probably stay, while some sporty features will be added. We can expect sports seats, a sportier steering wheel, aluminium pedals and more. Official informations are lacking though.

Technology, engines and performance

The GR Corolla might use the same 1.6 litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine from the GR Yaris again. In the small homologation special the engine produces 261hp. Though it is expected, that the GR Corolla will have at least 300hp, so either Gaza Racing will tune the engine or we get something else, like the A25A-FXS 2.5 litre Inline-4 hybrid engine, which produces 306hp. As the image suggests, the GR Corolla will be 4-Wheel Drive. If that stays the standard, or if a Front-Wheel Drive version will be available as a cheaper version, is for now unknown.

Prices and release date

When it will release and for how much is not known yet. However we can expect prices similar to the ones of the Civic Type-R and Hyundai i30 N. We will probably be able to see the new GR Corolla somewhere in 2022.

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      1 month ago
  • It will certainly be much nicer to look at than the hideous GR Yaris

      1 month ago
  • Well actually it’s not leaked the said they were gonna do it

      1 month ago