New Geoff Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust

Tesla Presents new Truck based on design by Jeremy, James and Richard!!

If you are a fan of the Dynamic Trio (Jeremy Clarckson ,James May and Richard Hammond) you my recall the Geoff Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust episode, featured on (not the grad tour), in this episode Clarkson himself design and hand build an state of art aluminium bodywork using traditional coach-builder techniques learn from the greatest British coach building houses such as H.J Mulliner and Park Ward to name some and perfected during Clarkson's various visits to Italy were he perfected his art.

After blowing our mind with this exquisite concept named Geoff Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, the project seem to hit a dead end since there was no way those complex lines envisioned by Clarkson could be not even mas produced but duplicated.

But fortunately Elon Musk, the Multimillionaire, space X-plorer, and overall father of the new personal mobility, didn't let this dream get forbidden.

Now it seems that the complex shapes ones envisioned by Clarkson could be mass produced, using an experimental CAD software called "Minecraft" designers from tesla were able to replicate these outstanding capricious shapes and give them to the masses.

Loyal to the Car ones dream by Jezza,Captain Slow and Hammster the new Geoff hammer head eagle I-thrust is an all electric, uncompromising, head-turning, three front seater, jewel on wheels.

Disclaimer: no intend to offend, I actually kind of get what Tesla and Elon are trying to do with this bare-bone utility vehicle, although as an automotive designer my self, I think they could do better. Jeremy, James, Richard, Elon and Cyber Truck designers if you read this I hope you get the joke.

Now It seems fair to back-up my critique and leave an electric car designed by me for you to asses If I had the right to give a critique, also I need the views they help me a lot thanks.


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  • How dare you besmirch Geoff! You should be ashamed. At least some thought went into Geoff’s design. 😉

      10 months ago