- The Grand Tour tent will now have a permanent location in the Cotswolds

New Grand Tour Studio Episodes Will All Be Filmed From U.K.!

1y ago


The Grand Tour. Clarkson, Hammond and May's show that moved them on from Top Gear. The show's first season went off with a hit, with the studio tent travelling around 9 different countries to give the proper, 'Grand Tour' feel. Now it appears the massive collapsible tent will stay at a fixed location in the UK for the studio filming.

The tent's travelling days are officially over, but that doesn't mean the show won't still be international. Escapades for the trio include countries such as Croatia, Switzerland, Dubai, Spain and Mozambique during the second season. The studio tent on the other-hand will remain in the Cotswolds.

The remains of the Rimac Concept One following Hammond's crash. Combined with Clarkson's pneumonia, the team are better off filming the studio parts in one place!

Executive Producer, Andy Wilman said that the decision was made following a tough off-season for the three presenters, who are accident prone. Wilman said that with sore joints, struggling lungs and a combined age of 158, keeping the studio tent in one location will do the presenters a favour.

On another note, the show has also ditched the 'Celebrity Brain Crash' part of each episode!

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