New Honda EV tech is aiming for 15 minute charging times by 2022

      It’s been confirmed that the Japanese carmaker is developing new battery tech to cut charging times by half in the very near future

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      In 2017, a majority of petrolheads have pretty much the same gripe about electric cars - the amount of time it takes to charge one. Now though, Honda is looking at cutting the standard charging time in half by the year 2022 according to Nikkei Asian Review.

      Currently, the majority of electric cars will charge to around the 70-80% mark in 30 minutes or so, but Honda is looking to cut that time in half by developing a new type of high-capacity battery that takes just 15 minutes for a full charge.

      This battery would allow for a range of around 150 miles, which is enough distance to warrant a 15-minute charging stop. The one thing that’s needed to make this a reality though? A vastly improved charging network.

      The most powerful system in 2017 is the Tesla Supercharger network which outputs around 150kW. Whereas this new battery tech would need a huge 350kW to allow for a swift 15 minute charging time.

      Currently (excuse the pun) the most powerful charging network, not powerful enough though

      Currently (excuse the pun) the most powerful charging network, not powerful enough though

      There’s good news on this stumbling block though, as the likes of Audi, Ford and other carmakers have teamed up to produce a more powerful charging network. This much needed upgrade is slated for a 2020 roll-out across Europe.

      Before you roll your eyes and think internal combustion is irreplaceable, 150 miles is about the time a normal person should ideally take a break, given this would normally be equal to three to four hours of driving in the UK (or longer!). Making any 15 minute charging time pretty much equal or thereabouts to a standard refuelling stop.

      Honda’s new range of uber-awesome EV’s will debut before the new battery tech is available, with the new Urban EV dropping in 2019. So we would expect the new battery tech to transition into the models at some point in their life-cycle.

      A 15 minute charge time, sign us up....

      A 15 minute charge time, sign us up....

      Would a 15 minute charge time be enough to tempt you away from the internal combustion engine? Tell us in the comments below.

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      Comments (5)

      • That will wear out batteries in absolutely no time at all.

          3 years ago
      • looks like the old gen 1 honda civic

          3 years ago
      • Hideous

          3 years ago
      • Or just buy a tesla.....

          3 years ago
      • Not really. Give me 4-500 miles and 15 minute charging time, so 80% gives me 320-400 miles then you’ve got over that hurdle.

          3 years ago


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