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New Kia Soul Teaser Released

The boxy crossover is back

3y ago

Recently, Kia has released a bunch of teasers revealing Kia's third-generation Soul. We can also see from these images that the new model will keep its iconic boxy rear end. Furthermore, we see that the upcoming 2019 boxy crossover will have an interesting new infotainment system.

Carmag states that the new model will make its debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. Furthermore, the article states that Kia will equip the new Soul with more technology, as well as advanced driver assistance systems. Kia also had the family in mind and gave the new Soul increased cargo room.

Interestingly, Kia confirmed a β€œruggedly styled” variant. This model will be called the X-Line. The article expects the X-Line to feature extra body cladding. The X-Line might also have raised suspension for offroading adventures.

The new Kia Soul will be powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0-litre petrol engine. There will also be a turbocharged 1.6-litre four-banger with the option of a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.



The image above shows us that the new Kia Soul's infotainment system screen is divided into three tiles. From the image we see that the one tile displays navigation. Moreover, the second tile displays music and the third tile displays the connected smart device.

When can we expect the new Soul? The new model is scheduled to go on sale in global markets starting in 2019.

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  • The Kia Soul got a lot of things right from the start and didn't stray to far from that formula. It's great at being practical and convenient, just a little bit funky, without being tacky, over-styled, or quasi-retro. It's kind of like the Honda Fit/Jazz. Honda got a lot right with space efficiency, and nimble handling. The latest gen strays a bit into pointless over-styling, but that's a Honda "theme" lately.

      3 years ago