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New Land Rover Evoque achieves 5 star safety rating

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Since it was first unveiled t​he Evoque captured the attention of millions. Its styling and high profile raised the bar when it comes to SUVs and quickly became Land Rover's best selling model.

A​s with any new car, certain safety regulations have to be looked into before the car can be let loose on our roads. It is no different for the brand new Evoque which is set to be unveiled properly in 2020.

F​or a car as popular as the Evoque, it is almost expected that it smashes any safest test Euro NCAP could throw at it, especially considering that they are not cheap cars. So, it would be nice to know that the car you just mortgaged your house for isn't going to kill you if you get rear-ended.

H​having said that, Land Rover are not a company that cuts any corners (that we know of) and unsurprisingly they passed the crash test with flying colours. The Evoque scored 94 percent for adult occupant safety and 87 percent for child occupant safety for any owners who will have children in the back.

T​he video of the test is below:

A​s you can see from the footage, the new Evoque looks ridiculously sturdy and tough in the event of a crash. The most impressive part in my opinion is the footage of the emergency breaking system that kicks in when an unfortunate dummy walks out in front of the Evoque which miraculously manages to stop without causing the dummy any harm.

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