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Chat is coming to a Tribe near you soon

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Chat is coming to a Tribe near you soon

Finding it annoying that you have to hunt around to find the best live chats on DriveTribe? Well, no more - Live Chat is coming to all your favourite Tribes in the next version of DriveTribe, due out in the next week or two.

Eh, What?

Yep it’s true. Now every Tribe on DriveTribe gets it’s very own live chat.

Ok, that sounds cool - what else?

Glad you asked, well every Tribe also gets a facelift with a beautiful new simpler look and feel. Check the design out below:

Mobile screens

Mobile screens

Desktop > Stories tab

Desktop > Stories tab

Desktop > Chat tab

Desktop > Chat tab

What is happening to the current live chats on DriveTribe?

The current live chats are being replaced by chats in Tribes. Why? Well, because it is a bit confusing for most users: they have trouble finding chats.

Also many Tribe Leaders are a bit confused as there is no link between a chat and their tribe.

Why should we be excited?

We’re insanely pumped about this because not only does it make DriveTribe easier for users to understand and navigate, but it also adds a HUGE opportunity for users to connect and get to know each other at a Tribe level, where they’re most likely to share the most passions and interests. More engaged users means more popular Tribes, more posts, views and bumps and everyone is happy.

Anything else?

Simplification is hard and by definition some features need to go to the Internet place in the sky to keep the interface clean and easy to understand.

• Chats in their current format are obviously being replaced

There are also some features going which are used sporadically or rarely:

• The ‘Announcements’ bar on tribes are going

• ‘Discussions’ on tribes will be replaced by chats

• Text only posts (with the black border around them) will also be removed, to limit complexity and keep the interface clean and simple. You can still post text, it’ll just need some accompanying media, like Instagram.

• ‘Tribe Tags’ will go

What do I need to do?

If you currently run a chat then you have a choice:

• As you will get a chat in your Tribe you can ask all your users of your chat to join your Tribe - then you will be able to start chatting to them there

• Or, you can create a new Tribe now and tell everyone on your chat to join

You should do this in the next couple of days as chats will be disappearing soon and Tribe Chats appearing soon.

If you use hashtags as a promotional tool then reach out to one of the Ambassadors and ask them to consider your posts and Tribe for promotion.

Do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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