New Mercedes C-Class: unlike its predecessors but also better

M​ercedes has just unveiled their latest creation, the new C-Class.

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

Upgrade your comfort zone - that’s what Mercedes say the C-Class will do. But the thing is, the new C-Class forces us to take a step outside of our comfort zone. Now, it can only be purchased with a mere 4 cylinders and it focuses less on performance but more on the environment. However, it also has an incredibly modern interior and overall comfort levels which can actually be compared to cars that are twice its price.

The new Mercedes C-Class is rather different to what we are used to but maybe this isn’t a bad thing.


All members of the C-Class family feature electrified powertrains. The new C-Class plug-in-hybrid gives you the opportunity to drive 100km on electric power alone. This is astonishing and this has actually been achieved without restricting cargo space Furthermore, you won’t have to wait too long to charge the car as doing so only takes 30 minutes.

Soon, Mercedes will also unveil the AMG versions of the C-Class and, sadly, these too will feature 4-cylinder hybrid powertrains. The good thing is that the top-end C63 model is expected to produce over 500 horsepower.


Commencing with the front, although it may look rather different, the only major change is the implementation of new headlights. These are far more angular and aggressive than the previous headlights - this design can now be seen across the majority of the Mercedes range.

Then comes all of the minor changes that should account for the car’s increase in aggression. The grille is not the same shape as the one found on the old C-Class as the widest part of the grille is now at the middle. This may be a subtle change but it goes extremely well with the car’s angular headlights.

The vents and other design features have now been toned down in order to direct more attention towards the grille.

If you thought that the front of the car lacks enough change, you probably won’t be happy to see the side.

It’s got the same roofline as the old C-Class along with the same character lines so there really isn’t anything to see here - this is probably why Mercedes didn’t even bother to cover the sides of their test cars.

The rear of the car follows a similar design to the new E-Class. The brake lights on the old car are tall and do not make contact with the boot of the car. However, the new car features wide brake lights which eat into the C-Class’ boot, giving the vehicle a more sleek and modern look. The only other notable change is the shape of the boot itself. It comes lower to the ground as you get further away from the rear windscreen, quite like it does the new E-Class.


Out of everything about the new C-Class, the interior is easily the coolest and most exciting part.

The E-Class’ did not see much change, however, when giving the S-Class a refreshment, Mercedes decided to convert the cabin into something straight from a spaceship. Thankfully, the C-Class has received similar treatment.

The upper section is dominated by three large air vents, rather like the old model. But, what is not like the old model is the all-new infotainment system. The screen itself follows a similar design to the one found in the S-Class except the usable part of the screen has a much smaller surface area. The climate control system sits directly below the main screen and features zero tactile buttons.


Expected to start from around £35,000, the new C-Class will be more expensive than its rivals however, due to its sheer level of technology and luxury, some may say that the higher price tag is justified.

Overall, the new C-Class interior is absolutely gorgeous and combines technology with contemporary design in an almost perfect manner.

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Comments (6)

  • I think it looks fantastic, the interior especially is huge step up. But the V8 C63 will be dearly missed 😰

      1 day ago
  • I don't know how, but I think they've managed to understyle the exterior. But interior looks fine though

      1 day ago
  • It’s alright. For a sedan it is fine at what it does. Better as a wagon. Can’t believe they forgot to add the buttons 😂

      1 day ago
  • So buttons are now going to become a "vintage" tech??

    I wonder how long before they remove the buttons on the doors to adjust windows or the seats?? it's unfortunate...

      1 day ago
    • They sort of have already. The new buttons don’t click or move anymore. You simply apply pressure to them and the seat moves accordingly. You can see the demonstration in the new s class.

        1 day ago
    • That's the way the industry is going now.. unfortunate.. I'll stick to the more vintage stuff.. :-)

        1 day ago