New Mustang GT Set To Be The Gripiest Mustang GT EVER!

A Performance Mustang that grips? You have my attention!

3y ago

In recent years the Mustang has evolved into something that is more Sports Car and less Pony/Muscle Car. First there was the independent rear suspension that took the Mustang out of the middle ages into the modern age. Then there was the glory that was the GT350 with the amazing Voodoo V8. Now the GT is getting a handling upgrade on top of an already good handling upgrade.

Mustang owners have already had the option to choose the Performance Pack which gave them bigger Brembo brakes, a re-tuned suspension, more aggressive axle ratio and more. Clearly operating under the "if some is good more is better" philosophy Ford will now offer the Performance Pack Level 2. This takes the original Performance Pack and dials it up to eleven. In addition to Level 1 upgrades, Level 2 includes MagneRide suspension borrowed directly from the GT350, stiffer springs and sway bars that lower the car by an inch. The steering has been re-worked and new tires measuring 19"x10.5 in the front and 19"x11 in the rear. The tires are attached to bespoke ten spoke wheels that give Level 2 Mustangs a much more aggressive stance.

Not to be outdone the body receives upgrades as well. The new spoiler and splitter offer an additional 24 lbs of down-force at 80 MPH. Ford engineers used the Boss 302 Laguna Seca as a performance bench mark. All told the new Mustang will handle every bit as good as it goes. Stopping harder, turning tighter and continuing the Mustang Mantra of fighting cars with much larger price tags.

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