New Nissan Z Debut Date Revealed

The legendary sports car is all-new once again.

4w ago


Key Points

1. Nissan has confirmed that the long awaited Z sports car will be unveiled on September 15th.

2. At this unveiling, a prototype model will be shown, but the real version should come soon.


The long awaited Nissan Z is finally all-new. Production models are expected to be called the 400Z, and it should have about 400 horsepower. I assume a manual transmission will be standard, but we could end up with another Supra situation...Let's hope not. Similar to most sports cars these days, an automatic should be available.


It's great that the Z is returning, I just hope Nissan's awful quality won't get in the way. This Z will most likely rival the new Supra, and could be a big hit for Nissan, assuming they build it properly.

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Comments (1)

  • I mean, from the recent arse mechanicals of these new nissans, I wouldn't be suprised if its shite.

      29 days ago