- The silhouette of the future neighborhood drift-machines. Image via screengrab Nissan YouTube.

New Nissan Z teased, will be unveiled on September 15th

After a decade of decay, Nissan will be giving us a new Z. Grab your Initial D tunes, this will be a drifters delight.

MT Blake posted in USA News

6w ago


On September 15th, 2020, Nissan will unveil the new Nissan Z prototype to the world. This day is set to be one of the few 'good' days in twenty-twenty, so mark your calendars! The new Z is set to capture the essence of the classic Z'ed cars - it will have a 240z shape, Z32 300zx inspried taillights, and a manual transmission - to the delight of enthusiasts.


The time is ripe for a new Z, as the current 370z has been with us since 2009 - an absolute eternity in the automotive world. With the 370z being a mere evolution of the 350z, if we want to be picky, it's essentially the same formula used since 2003 when the Z was reintroduced to the US market after it was discontinued in 1996.

The 370z is still an enthusiast dream, but it is overshadowed by newer more expensive cars such as the automatic transmission only, Supra. Drifters, track bois, and weekend drivers worldwide know the Z as the cheap and reliable Japanese speed machine since the 1970s.

I reckon this new car will be the biggest departure from the previous generation since the Z31. Hopefully, they won't reincarnate the Z32's expensive and complicated engineering with those taillights - this author can personally attest to relying on a Z32 as a daily driver on a shoestring budget in college... the nightmares are still with me.

This new Z will be a whole new generation as evidence by the teaser shots provided by Nissan's YouTube videos. The shots clearly show something inspired by the 240z, Z32 300zx, the manual transmission, and rumors giving this car a 400hp 3.0l twin-turbo V-6 known as the VR30DDTT. This engine has already been with us for a few years and in use with the Infiniti Q cars.


Nissan is in dire straights at the moment and they need a big WIN for the team. They're going back to their roots - like many other manufacturers - and giving us some familiar DNA. A light-weight, RWD, manual transmission coupe with enough horsepower is exactly what enthusiasts have ordered. If they keep the cost down, it could sell quite well. I can't help but see a 280zx turbo in my mind when I think of the shape and VR30DDTT.

We will have plenty more to come when the new Z proto is released on the 15th.

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Comments (27)

  • If they can keep the starting price under $40,000, they should crush it with this car. If they price it right around the Supra, then, not so much. Keep it simple and not overly computerized. If they staddle the space between the Subaru BRZ/Toyota A86 and Supra, this will be a winner, IMO.

      1 month ago
    • I couldn’t agree more. They’ll sink the ship if they come out touting a hybrid electrified monstrosity. I could see the manual being second rate to some flappy-paddle dual clutch, but that’s mainly because the death of the manual is...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • MT: thank you for the award, BTW! There is a niche there for coupes that are fun to drive. I hope Nissan has put this car in there. Ford's Mustang and Dodge's Challenger meet their market needs and sell fine.

        1 month ago
  • The VR30 is a great motor in the Infiniti, but it will need a manual (the 7-sp slushbox in the Infiniti is aggravating). If the price is right this will be huge.

      1 month ago
  • I am so afraid it’s gonna be electric 😣

      1 month ago
  • inb4 it's made by Mercedes

      1 month ago
  • If they were daft enough to remake 240Z design with a modern engine/safety/infotainment. Can't imagine why they couldn't except they probably aren't cool enough for that anymore

      1 month ago
    • Nissan has definitely lost a lot of its mojo. That’s certainly something to consider.

        1 month ago


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