N​ew patent shows that a rotary Mazda RX-9 may soon be happening after all

T​his new patent suggests the revival of a legend

1y ago

L​ook people like to speculate, especially about cars. With countless spy shots, rumors, and leaks we are constantly bombarded with not so credible information about cars like the upcoming BMW M3, or a new Ferrari SUV. Now, while this can be a lot of fun it does get quite tiring when all you see are rumors, but now we have something slightly more substantial.

​Mazda's infamous rotary engine may be on its way back. As you can see in the image above Mazda’s latest patent - "Vehicle Shock Absorption Structure" - shows a spaceframe-style platform with a double-wishbone suspension. We must first realize that such a suspension setup forces a mid-front engine design, as such layouts are almost always found in sports cars.

F​uthermore, it doesn't appear as though there's much space in there for Mazda's current six-cylinder engine. This combined with the fact that a trusted source within Mazda has said that this new chassis will be used on just one car leads us to believe that this is the rotary RX-9 we've been hearing so much about. This comes hot on the heels of another patent filed by Mazda, a twin-scroll turbocharger for use with a rotary engine.

A​ll of these factors combined suggest that we may soon be living in a world in which we have both a Toyota Supra (BMW Z4) and a rotary Mazda sports car. Wouldn't that be nice?


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Comments (23)

  • That's why I do like Subaru and Mazda. Both brands keep their uniqueness no matter what in the way of endless love towards flat-four and rotary engines respectively. Interesting that both engines are not for everyone and they are used mostly by passionate fans, but this is why I want to have one from each brand, despite I'm more a Toyota fan.

      1 year ago
  • This have already been covered ages ago...

      1 year ago
  • Hydrogen will be able to bring the Rotary experimental (RX) technology back to life.

      1 year ago
  • Sold when I read double wish bone... giddy

      1 year ago
  • Hope for this hardcore sport car return.

      1 year ago