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New pictures of the Mercedes-AMG Project One have appeared

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Mercedes-AMG has released a new set of images of the Project One being tested at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire in the UK. These are the first proper photos of the car in road going form, albeit with pre-production bodywork. However, judging from these photos, the Project One stays loyal to the original concept.

The Project one will be powered by a similar 1.6 litre V6 engine as found in the Mercedes F1 car meaning it’ll be good for over 1000bhp, but the official figure is yet to be released. When it comes to weight, the car generates roughly 675kg worth of downforce which is said to be half of that of the car. This means that the Project One should weigh between 1300kg and 1400g. This also gives it a higher power-to-weight ratio than a LaFerrari.

Image Source: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers says that there is a high possibility of the Project One smashing the Nürburgring lap record. This means it should beat the 6min 44.97sec time set by the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and the overall lap record recently set by Timo Bernhard in a the Porsche 919 EVO where he set a time of 5min 19.545sec .

Going back to the engine’s power output for a moment, Moers said that the stated 1000bhp output was calculated using the dynamometer Mercedes-AMG current have. However, the actual figure should be even higher, but below 1100bhp.

Image Source: Mercedes-AMG

According to Andy Cowell, head of Mercedes’ High Performance Powertrains division, the biggest challenges with the engine are not making useable in normal driving conditions, but instead, he said that emissions and persuading an engine that usually requires a team of engineers to operate instantly, no matter the conditions the car happens to be in.

The engine for the Project One will be produced in Brixworth, where Mercedes’ F1 team will be involved largely on a consultancy basis. Even so, almost all the other key components will be made in the UK, including the bespoke robotised manual eight-speed gearbox that Xtrac is developing, as well as the tub and bodywork, which will be produced by an as-yet-unnamed company.

Image Source: Mercedes-AMG

Moers also confirmed that, despite the car’s price of approximately £2.4 million, AMG received 1100 requests from credible customers for the 275 units that will be built.

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