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New Pneumonia Vaccine Could Have Made Jeremy Clarkson's Life So Much Easier

New vaccine breakthrough could potentially end pneumonia for good

3y ago

2017 marked the year that we nearly lost a global treasure, one Jeremy Clarkson. While vacationing in Majorca, Jeremy contracted pneumonia and knocked out of commission for quite some time. It seems the only good to come out of Jeremy almost dying was the fact that it forced him to quit smoking.

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. It is responsible for 80 deaths per day in Britain and affects the youngest and oldest age groups the most. Two million children died worldwide from pneumonia in 2004, but that number has dropped to less than a million by 2015.

CREDIT: Jeremy Clarkson

CREDIT: Jeremy Clarkson

Researchers at the Univeristy of Buffalo (go Bills!) are currently in the process of creating a vaccine that could all but eliminate the infection entirely. The vaccine will target dozens more strains of S. pneumoniae and can also predict future versions of bacteria that could be responsible for the disease.

Blaine Pfeifer, co-lead author of the findings, says:

"We’ve made tremendous progress fighting the spread of pneumonia, especially among children. But if we’re ever going to rid ourselves of the disease, we need to create smarter and more cost-effective vaccines.

What’s really exciting is that we now have the ability — with the vaccine we’re developing — to watch over bacteria and attack it only if it breaks away from the colony to cause an illness."




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  • Nice plug for big pharma Grand Tour. Looks like you guys are short on cash and are needing a way to get cash quick or is Jeff Bezos pushing you guys to push Vaccines on everyone.

      3 years ago
  • Fantastic article! Thank you for this!

      3 years ago