New Porsche 911 – Review

Since the first car was produced many companies have wowed us with fast, exotic, and down right insane cars rolling off production lines, some coming up with weird and wonderful names for their cars and some sticking with traditional number and lettering formats, but out of all these automotive manufacturers only one has consistently brought out a model under the same name, with the company sticking to their DNA and been insanely brilliant every time and that company being Porsche with the 911. Now that Porsche have released an all new 911 with some very interesting changes, here we are seeing if those have made another amazing car, or ruined it in an attempt to modernise an already almost perfect car.

At first glance this car doesn’t look too dis-similar to the previous generation, the body looks extremely similar, the wings still come above the bonnet and most importantly the engine is still in the back in true 911 fashion. But if you dig deeper you will see some subtle changes which make a big impact on the way the car looks and performs, looking at the body for example, the bonnet, front nose and rear end have all been sculptured and formed in a way which has made the car have a bigger presence on the road, just standing next to the car you feel like its muscles want to start running and it wants to go fast, like an eager child at an amusement park with parents attempting to hold them back. The wheels have been changed to staggered sizes now with 20 inches at the front and 21 at the back which should improve the handling of the car and staggers the form of the car to give it a look of intent. They also added a high level brake light in the shape of an 11 as a nod to the 911 badge and re-shaped the exhaust to give it a more open, circular look. Overall I believe this combines to give this car and edgier look, one of a car to scare and intimidate any companies who wish to compete with Porsche for the title of the best sports car manufacturer.

On entrance of this car using the re-designed door handles you notice an abundance of electronics and screens, it all seems very high tech with a sense of good old fashioned simplicity. Quite a lot of the time when you enter some of these new technological cars its all rather confusing and clustered but after spending a few minutes with this car it is all set out very straight forward, every button is self explanatory and even the new screen display all seems set out in a very simple set up. Another interior feature which is very interesting is the new gear selector and extra options buttons which have all been made into switches which match each other in design which is quite effective in the way the interior feels, all very modern and stylish. You get a sense this re-designed interior has been made this way in anticipation of the full electric Taycan set to be unveiled later this year.

Starting the car for the first time you immediately are greeted by familiar but somewhat different noise from the re-developed flat-6 engine, with the introduction of the gasoline particulate filter [EU law mandates it’s presence] it somewhat originally dampens the sound of the flat-6 but with the re-engineered exhaust system it sounds like a wild cat stubbing its toe, absolutely gorgeous.

When you move off you notice a massive amount more grip than the previous model, with the Carrera 4S having the most grip out of the two designations. This is caused by a few things, firstly on the front nose it has these variable flaps the when you drive along it adjusts the angles of these to force the car down to the ground, giving the car the maximum amount of downforce applied to the car and sticking to the road. Another aspect that maximises the grip of the car is the new rear wing that has been increased in size and given another variable system in which depending on the speed and mode you are in it changes the angle to again use the air to force the car into the ground. These two coupled with better aerodynamics and other small tweaks to the body has a dramatic effect with its massive grip.

Cruising round the beautiful roads of Mallorca it handles so sweetly, the steering has been made so much tighter and sharper than any sports car I have driven, with it’s much better suspension system the difference in the comfort in the previous model is amazing, and when you need it too the suspension switches to the stiffer set up. It corners so unbelievably flat that even if you aren’t a professional race driver it makes you think you could beat anyone round a track. I am completely astonished with how they have taken an already brilliant car and re-built and re-engineered it to feel and handle so amazing.

The day after I took the car to the Circuit Mallorca to see how it handled on a track situation and this car impressed me even more. With the 2 wheel drive variant to get the most out of the car you would want to have the Chassis Control and the Rear-Wheel steering option fitted otherwise it could get a bit excitable but nothing too mad. But it had a complete abundance of grip and the sharpness and quickness of the car completely shocked me and compared to sports cars of similar engines and similar money it completely blows all of them out of the water. Driving the competition compared to this is like trying to get a pizza in the UK to taste as good as one in a nice restaurant in Italy, you can to get them to do the same thing but in the end the others would always disappoint you.

If you are looking for a decent specification one, to get the most out of you’re car you will have to spend at least 110,000 Pounds Sterling but you can get a basic specification for a start price of 93,100 pounds sterling which for what you get seems like amazing value for money and I would highly recommend this car to anyone who wants a true sports car. In summary then, this car is even more technologically advanced than any previous model available, and despite that its still simple and straightforward to use and the complete overall performance and usability of the new car can make you grin from ear to ear while leaving any competition for dust.