N​ew Porsche 911 spied with ducktail spoiler

P​orsche's signature styling feature may be making its return with the new 911

36w ago


Porsche has already released four "standard" 992-generation 911 Carrera models. However, like with most previous generations Porsche aint stopping there. Prototypes of the new 992 Turbo version of the 911 have been spotted testing at the Nürburgring Nordschleif, and around Germany and the US. The car is expected to go on sale sometime in mid-2020., with a starting price similar to that of its predecessors.

T​he ducktail spoiler is an iconic styling piece of many classic 911s. It is a very distinctive spoiler shape, and one which has disappeared amongst the Porsche lineup over the past few years. However, I am pleased to report that the ducktail is back! Pre-production mules have been spotted around Germany, with the all important spoiler.

P​revious 911 Sport Classic

P​revious 911 Sport Classic

H​owever, there is a chance the which car we see undergoing testing is in fact not the new 911 Turbo, but the next "Sport Classic". Furthermore, the 911 Turbo S prototypes we’ve seen so far feature an active rear wing, which is unlike the ducktail seen in spy-shots.

However, while all previous Sport Classic 911s have used the Carrera S as their base, this new generation, may break the mold. The new 992 version of the Sport Classic may base itself upon the much quicker AWD Turbo S as opposed to the Carrera S. This would be a major departure from the ethos of the model, however, I have no doubt that regardless of what happens these will fly off the shelves.


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Comments (2)

  • A homage to old Porsches

      8 months ago
  • Really REALLY don't like it with these stupid connected tail lights. Makes it look taller and slimmer than it is. A porsche ass ought to be wide and low and fat!

      8 months ago