New Porsche Panamera breaks Nürburgring record ahead of reveal

    And it looks pretty good whilst doing it

    13w ago


    Car makers have always enjoyed spending time driving around the Nordschleife, the North section of the famed Nürburgring racetrack in Germany, and what began as a testing and development tool, soon became a marketing exercise and an excuse to flex their muscles. Sure enough, Porsche holds and has held several records around the 'Ring and they've recently set a new one: the fastest executive car around the track.

    On July 24, Porsche took the new Panamera to the 'Ring and set a new world record for the fastest production executive car with test driver Lars Kern at the wheel. Kern covered a full lap (20.832 km) of the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife 7:29.81 minutes, around 13 seconds faster than the previous record which, incidentally, was set by the same driver at the wheel of the same car, albeit a previous generation of it.


    In truth, the layout of the track that Kern used was also slightly different because on the previous attempt, in 2016, Kern completed a lap in 7:38.46 at the wheel of a 550-PS Panamera Turbo but the time was set with the old rules.

    Until very recently, records around the Nürburgring used to be recorded with laps of 20.6 kilometres, excluding the section at grandstand 13 (T13), which is around 200 metres in length. Now, in accordance with the new statutes of Nürburgring GmbH, the company that manages the circuit, the lap time is measured over the complete Nordschleife distance of 20.832 km.

    Technical details aside, Kern said that the "enhancements made to the chassis and the powertrain of the new Panamera were always noticeable during this lap." He also said that the new setup improved the overall stability of the car, especially "in the Hatzenbach or also Bergwerk and Kesselchen sections".

    With an outside temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and a track temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, Kern completed the lap on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 sports tyres specifically developed for the Panamera which, by the way, is going to be revealed later today, August 26. Stay tuned.

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    Comments (14)

    • Brabus do an 800bhp Merc E63s, I bet that would slaughter the Porsche. If tuning company’s aren’t counted then Merc could put the 800bhp version of their engine that they do in the AMG GT Black Series into the E63s and that would do the same job.

        2 months ago
      • It lacks the handling prowess & balance

          2 months ago
      • I’m not sure it does. I’d understand Mercedes prioritising comfort on the rest of the e-class range but not on the E63s version.

        Whilst Porsche does handling very well and I’m not arguing there, manufacturers pitch their cars at their...

        Read more
          2 months ago
    • The fastest way to cover the back seat area with your children’s peas and carrots lol

        3 months ago
    • I would really like to take the long roof version around the Nurburgring. Or home.

      That is a blisteringly fast time. It would be fun to watch.

        3 months ago
    • In the words of James May: "BOMB IT!"

        2 months ago
    • Wonder what our M8 would do it in

        2 months ago


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