- Screenshot of Second Skin's Configurator. Source: secondskin.design

New Porsche Programme Lets you Wrap your New car in Martini Racing Livery

Most liveries on cars and sports cars are aftermarket jobs, now they even more popular in the form of wraps. If you want to wrap your Porsche you will not need an aftermarket job. Porsche have now entered the wrap game. The programme is called Second Skin, no it is not a Porsche branded contraceptive or the compression clothing brand. It is a livery for your car directly from the Porsche factory.

From next month, the programme will allow anyone who collects their car from the Porsche factory in Germany have their cars custom wrapped in a vinyl livery of their choice. On the configurator of the Second Skin programme there are 4 car models available - the 718 Cayman and Boxster and 911 with 991.2 and the 992 variants. The other models will be added later to the programme.

Screenshot of Second Skin's Model Selector.

There are basic liveries out there with Tone in tone, abstract, track and the all time famous Martini Racing. However, if you do not want just a livery or design wrap you can have your car wrapped in a solid colour, there are many options for that including Caribbean Blue.

Now, vinyl wrappings are better than repainting your car. They can be applied and removed whenever you want it, it is a one time use per wrap, so you have to purchase or have a wrap printed each time you want a new colour or design. You can keep it as long as you want and when you have it removed they don’t leave any markings or damage the paint that was originally applied on the car. Some people have said they are a stylish protective film for your car.

..YOu keep your Porsche guarantee..

This option of wrapping your car in one single colour or livery has a price to it, the single all-body colours cost €4,000 and liveries go for €5,500. It is an okay price for feature because this will keep your Porsche Approved Guarantee. If you get an aftermarket wrap you could lose your guarantee.

I decided to spec a car on their configurator, while researching about this. Here is how I would spec a Porsche, if I were to buy one.