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The new Porsche Motorsport RSR is to be launched this week at the LA motor Show.

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This car has been the subject of quite a lot of speculation (and controversy)... Porsche have clearly struggled in 2016 with the 911 RSR as more modern GT race cars from Ferrari and Ford have moved the game on. In fact, with the Ford, the goalposts have actually moved! So what have Porsche planned?

Well, we can only speculate for the next 60 hours or so, until Porsche formally launch the new car. So, whilst there's still room for speculation, what are we expecting? Turbo power? Yes, I would expect that's almost certain. But how will that turbo-charged engine be positioned? Hanging out the back as all 911's have always done? Well that's where the controversy comes in - maybe it will be rotated through 180° so it is actual mid-rear mounted?

The Porsche GT1 Straßenversion from the glorious 1990's

The Porsche GT1 Straßenversion from the glorious 1990's

Whilst there has never been a proper production going 911 that has done this, it will not be the first time that the boys in Weissach have thrown away the 'Purist 911' rulebook. The 911 GT1 also rotated the power plant through 180°. And that car looked superb, and performed pretty well too - winning LM24 outright.

Engine was rotated 180° in the 911 GT1.

Engine was rotated 180° in the 911 GT1.

So, given they have done it before, can we expect Porsche to go mid-rear mounted in the new RSR? We think there's a strong possibility from what we have seen. The test mule that was thundering around Sebring certainly had a blocked our rear window with vents and naca ducts...

Only time will tell! But if they do flip the engine around (we make it sound so simple!) then we hope they also reinstate the GT1 moniker. Watch the Press conference this Wednesday at 10:15 local time (18:15 GMT, 19:15 CET).

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