New Prius PHV GT300 at Tokyo Auto Salon!

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While the Supra had been the star of this week,


another bonkers Toyota also made its debut this past weekend. Throughout the many years of its production, the Prius have seen year after year of hate from petrolheads around the globe. Well, the Prius took all those mean comments personally and came round in a new muscular body and performance to spite all the haters

I was not expecting this one when I went to Tokyo Auto Salon, and I was blown away when I saw it. I have always heard of Toyota making a Super GT series racing car out of the Prius, but I never thought that I would ever see one in real life.

As the car that started the hybrid trend in the motor industry, it does seem appropriate for Toyota to make a high performance hybrid supercar. With the likes of the Honda NSX, McLaren P1, and BMW i8, there is no reason for Toyota to not jump into the fray as well. And they have, with the first Prius Super GT cars making their debuts in 2016.

Now, in 2019, Toyota's Gazoo Racing division developed a new Prius GT300 racing car to compete in Japan's Super GT series of racing.

Utilizing the same V8 from the Lexus RC Super GT car mated to a hybrid system, this racecar is still a Prius at heart.

In terms of looks, I think the Prius PHV is better looking than a lot of supercars. But, I guess the fact that a Prius could look like this may surprise me just enough to bias me towards it.

The fact that this Prius exists means Toyota has the ability and the knowhow to make a hybrid supercar. I am just disappointed that Toyota never made a road car using a similar layout or philosophy.

It is uncanny to see all these aero parts and wide fenders coupled with the hated Prius logo and the Toyota "plug in hybrid" badge.

Overall, I think this Prius is one of the coolest cars at Tokyo Auto Salon, and is one of the coolest cars in the world for that matter. You may disagree, but I bet a lot of that disagreement stems from the Prius badge.

As a fan of strange cars, the Prius PHV GT300 fits all the criteria for an oddball car.

Well, you know how I feel about this car; so how do you feel? Comment your thoughts down below and as always, thank you for reading!

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