New race tires

15w ago


I have been racing my 2012 Cayman S (987.2) in the Swedish TIme Attack series a couple of years. Advancing a class, I was allowed to use semi-slicks or R-rated tires. I went to my partners at Östra Gummi to get the new tires. We had decided on the Yokohama Advan AO52. We booked a time. I drove right in and up on the lift, and Magnus went to work.

I had been running these Yokohama AD08 street tires in the Club class

Removing the old tire

Prepping the new tireAn

And inflating it

The reinforced tire sides take some convincing to slide onto the rims.

But the machinery used today makes it easier.

Then the air pushes the tire in place

Balancing the wheel with a computer and lasers

Rear wheel tire to be replaced next

When Magnus started it was all hand tools. Could take three guys to mount some tires

Magnus inspects all tires before mounting them.

Inflating the tire

The tire pops into place, it can be loud.

The laser points out where the small balance weights need to be put

Next rear tire coming off, 295/30 R18

New tire looks good.

This is close to the maximum amount of rubber I can put in the wheelhouses. Every inch counts to get that last grip

They also remove the sticker before balancing it.

Magnus is an old endurance racer, so he knows the importance of the tires from both professions

Cleaning the wheel before the balancing weights

Checking the balance

Already time to mount the wheels again.

These wheels are street legal in Sweden

of course, the tread pattern is not optimized for rain

First wheel back on.

Checking the torque

If your tire shop uses a torque wrench for the last pull, you know you works with dedicated professionals.

Backed out and ready to roll

Östra Gummi is the oldest working tire shop in Stockholm. It is situated in the upper parts of the city, called Östermalm.