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New record: the Dodge Challenger Demon finally does the quarter-mile in 9.57 s

Official figures beaten!

1y ago

In 2018, Dodge unveiled the Demon, an ultra-powerful version of its Challenger with only one goal: dominate the drag strips! To do this, the muscle car had a solid argument: that of doing the quarter mile (400 m) in 9.65 seconds. However, this impressive figure could never be achieved in reality, which is annoying for the brand.

Today, this time has finally been reached, and even beaten by almost a tenth of a second! Under the hood of the Challenger Demon is a 6.2L V8 engine producing 808 hp with 91-octane gasoline. Power climbs to 840 hp on 100-octane racing fuel! As a result, the Demon is the only production car that can lift its front wheels when accelerating!

Bryon Godbee decided to take his diabolical Challenger to the Caroline Dragway to try to match the time claimed by Dodge. The man encountered a few problems such as the engine check light that kept flashing. Godbee turned it off after going to a nearby parts store to get a code.

After that, Godbee set two record times: 9.58 seconds and 9.57 seconds for the quarter-mile! That's respectively seven and eight hundredths of a second better than the official times! This proves that the Demon can still improve the figures given by Dodge without any particular modification.

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Comments (24)

  • Not bad, love me a 10 second car!

      1 year ago
  • Anyone know why the Demon and Hellcat use a supercharged 6.2L when they have a perfectly good 6.4L they could’ve supercharged in the R/T?

      1 year ago
    • Because "*FREEDOM AINT FREE*"

        1 year ago
    • Most likely they wanted a shorter stroke to create a higher revving engine. The 6.4 could’ve likely achieved more torque but would have had a harder time making the same peak horsepower as a de-stroked 6.2

        1 year ago
  • Hellcat Demon!! That’s awesome, and I’ll wager that time keeps dropping! On a particularly cold winter day, air temperatures were around 55, air pressure was 30.19, I ran a 13.6 in a Subaru Forester XT, 0.3 of a sec better than previous runs. That Dodge has serious potential!!

      1 year ago
  • Slight correction: 9.58 and 9.57 are 7 and 8 hundreths of a second faster, not tenths.

      1 year ago
  • See now that’s what I’m talking about. Make a car sprint a quarter mile strip under 10 seconds with hundreds of moving parts all having to work together at exactly the correct time. If that doesn’t give a man goosebumps I dunno what will. Kudos to the crew at Dodge. The Demon and Hellcat are worth raising a glass to.

      1 year ago