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New R.S. Performance parts offer maximum track day thrills

22w ago


For many people, it won’t be news that Renault Sport Meganes and Clios are often weapons of choice for those who enjoy pushing their cars on track.

As such, I like to imagine that this years' Christmas cards will read something like this: Dear track day enthusiast, we’re sorry for making you wait so long. Hopefully this new range of parts will make up for it. Merry Christmas, from Renault Sport xox

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There are two offerings that fall under the R.S. Performance label. Most interesting is the line of accessories that are said to add ‘an extra soupcon of style and performance’ to your track day experience.

I’m not sure what this means, but seeing things such as high-performance brakes and suspensions systems on the list of performance parts gives me a good idea.

Designed specifically for use on track, further performance parts include carbon fibre bucket seats and anti-strut bars, to name but two.

For when it gets really serious - © Groupe Renault

Should style be more your thing, the R.S. Performance body kit takes inspiration from the Clio R.S.16 concept and is sure to make your car the envy of every pit lane.

When compared to the €1249 rear wing and €1800 carbon fibre bonnet, at only €2000 it looks to be good value, too.

I must admit, I’d probably save my money and just go for a set of Turini rims finished in Brilliant Black. Red is also available should you be after a full house of go faster points.

At €1800 I don't think I'd bother - © Groupe Renault

The R.S. Performance line has been launched on the Mk4 Clio R.S. However, it will gradually become available on most Renault sport models.

Should you be the impatient owner of any of these other models then don’t worry. The second offering, dubbed a line of derivatives, means that you can still get your hit of R.S. goodness.

Would you be brave enough to wheel this out infront of your mates - © Groupe Renault

This line includes products ranging from classic merchandising, to workshop products such as a tool box or a limited-edition spray gun.

Unfortunately, whilst no doubt high quality products, I suspect that wheeling this little lot out will make you the biggest tool in sight.

Do you like the idea of manufacturer built parts? Let me know below!