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New Rubber For The Lakewood

17w ago


Whitney and I packed the Lakewood full of our gear for a weekend test of the Corvair's camping ability. We were planning to spend a couple of nights at a nearby state park to see how well this classic wagon would perform. It would be a test of reliability and storage capacity.

Loading the gear went quite well. Nearly all of our gear was able to rest neatly in the "frunk." The tent, sleeping equipment, cooking utensils, clothes, and tools all fit snugly around the spare tire and tool roll. All that was carried in the back was our camping chairs and the beds for the dogs.

With the Lakewood packed, we retired for the evening for an early start the next day. We got up with the sun and opened the garage to reveal that both front tires were now flat. Whitney's uncle had put two new tires on the rear of the Lakewood a short time ago, leaving the older tires on the front. Both of which were pushing 16 years of age. I had anticipated replacing them. I knew they were well past their prime. But I thought I could get at least one trip out of them.

At any rate, our expedition was put on hold and two new tires to match the rears were ordered for the front. Luckily, I have some tire changing equipment that makes short work of situations like this. Follow along on how I went about such a task in the video below.

Thanks for watching!

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