New series looks into the world of drifting

52w ago


Those of you looking for a new series to get into, this is quite a good one. The Redbull series called Drift Queen, follows Becky Evans aka QueenB as she embarks on a journey of discovery into the world of drifting.

Drifting is one of the fastest growing sports amongst young people in Europe, with a rapidly growing presence in the UK. Having experienced recent expansion in countries such as Japan, New Zealand and United States; the sport is regarded as one of the more accessible routes into motorsport for young people with a limited budget.

Therefore, Drift Queen aims to lift the lid on this emerging sport as well as celebrate the tight-knit community which surrounds it. I have fair few friends in the drifting community who are some of the nicest bunch of people you will ever meet so glad to see a spotlight is finally shown on them in this series. The series not only showcases how easy it is to get involved, but also exemplifies the positive the culture, lifestyle and mind-set which surrounds it.

Drift Queen will see Becky go from complete beginner, to being competition ready, taking tips from some of the biggest names in the sport. You will see her drift car selection process, modification of the car and eventually competing at a grassroots level. It will also take Becky from one side of the world to the other in an effort to better understand the sports’ origins, and how it’s evolved to the present day. Including going to Japan, the birthplace of drift; to sun-soaked California; to wet and windy Liverpool.

Becky's hope for people watching this series is to realise how easy and fun it is to be involved in drifting. "From the first day of filming, I was so humbled at how quickly I was accepted, as well as the generosity I experienced from all corners of the drifting community. If Drift Queen helps just one person get into motorsport who didn’t think they could before, then I’ll be happy.”

Watch the first episode below and share your thoughts!

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