New seventh generation fiesta

The UK's best selling car, the Fiesta, will be going into mk7 in 2017. After its reveal, we know quite a lot. We can expect three units in the new Fiesta to start of with. This includes a 1.1 Petrol, the 1.0T Ecoboost and a 1.5 TDCI Diesel engine. All three of these engines should come with a variety of power outputs and perhaps each engine will be best for the different bodies. More on the bodies later. Expect the Fiesta to start at around £13,000-£14,000 for the base Style version sold only for company drivers and a few grand more for trims like the Zetec and Titanium for the private market.

Longer, wider and more mature. This is no longer aimed at the sixth form car park.

The Fiesta has grown. It's now 71mm longer and 12mm wider. This doesn't sound like much but it does make a considerable design difference. The new Fiesta has a 4mm longer wheelbase and Ford claims that this gives 14mm more in knee room. Interesting. Ford have talked about how this will no longer be a car for new drivers and teens and instead for a new, more 'mature' market of people that have 'grown up'. My guess is young families. The bootspace is said to be slightly bigger and the extra space adds greater practicality. To me, this seems to be something to rival cars like the Kia Rio, Hyundai i20 or Volvo V40 rather than previous rivals such as the Vauxhall Corsa, Volkswagen Polo or Renault Clio. Such a rival will only return when an ST version comes out and the car deals with the Corsa VXR, Polo GTI and Clio RS. Nevertheless, I like where Ford have gone with the design.

Neccessary interior refresh has come. A good one, too.

The new Fiesta has had a design revolution when it comes to interior design and quality. It has become something more upmarket with a more attractive ''Ipad style'' infotainment screen and fewer buttons than on the fussy old Ford. Every detail from the new design lines to the steering wheel has had a fine improvement and all the better for it. The materials do not consist largely of flimsy and badly build plastics with scratchy piano black-like trims. These have been improved and are, again, more mature and rigid. The new 'mature' buyers should enjoy. Technology is improved too with a vast array of driver assistance technologies . This means that the 2017 Fiesta now has two cameras, three radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors. These all add up to create a 360-degrees image around the car. All this tech can also scan the road ahead for any dangers and deers and elks and bears and people get it. With generation seven comes Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Safety. If you're travelling slowly or up to a certains peed, the system will detect pedestrians and apply the brakes for you.
Traffic Sign Recognition and Auto High Beam technology is also available. Upmarket, practical and filled with tech. A good mark for the people of Ford.

The new Fiesta will have a collection of different trims, as any Fiesta, but there will be an addition of two new 'bodies' if you like. A crossover body and a luxurious body. The first of these is the crossover body, the Active. It'll be the latest of all Fiesta's to reach showrooms but will be very anticipated by the sort of buyer that enjoys looking down on others. The second, luxurious, is the Vignale. Ford aims to make this a true sub-brand but it's all still in the making. Vignale models are more expensive than standard ones but in the Fiesta you'll feel the difference. The seats will have hexagonal stitching and the grille and rims will be particularly supported by the word 'chrome'. Handsome. Returning to the Active. It will most certainly have a higher ride high and some unique features. Already, it has some cool design tweaks like the grey rubber sections surrounding the bottom part of the cars body. Think Audi Allroad or Volkswagen Alltrack. We'll need to see how these unique bodies will do but most sales can be expected around the Zetec. Zetec has been Ford's best seller when it comes to the Fiesta. It's going to feature the smaller 6 inch screen rather than the revealed 8 and will have option sat-nav.

Fiesta Vignale. Looking good. A possible A-Class rival?

I happen to like this new Fiesta. A lot. At first glance, I didn't. I even wanted to hate it. If I wasn't careful, I could have mistaken the front for a special edition of the Focus or something around those lines. After some hours of attention and careful viewing I came to realise the real positivity of the new design. I've quickly grown to like the new Fiesta and appreciate its exterior and interior design. It'll be different, but positively. This article will be reproduced when the Ford Fiesta comes into the hands of car journalists. If you ever read this, well done Mr Saridakis. You've revolutionised Fiesta design. When the driving experience is out there, be sure to return to the New Car Reviews.

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