New show Car Trek tells you why not to buy a C8 Corvette

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Every since 3 UK based car journalists had an unceremonious break with the BBC, we've been clamoring for something that filled the car shaped hole in our hearts. The current Top Gear is good and The Grand Tour has been a revelation, but still we've been wanting more. Top Gear USA has never lived up to the original, other car shows are good but not great, and none of the people we see on these programs can really relate to us.

Not anymore. Enter Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez, Ed Bolian from Vinwiki, and Tyler Hoover of Hoovie's Garage. They have come up with a new car show called "Car Trek" and you can watch it right now, for free. Why? Because it's on YouTube and all you need is an internet connection.


You see this is why the internet, and YouTube in particular, is so great. Freddy, Ed, and Tyler are literally just like us. They aren't some actors that were cobbled together and then forced to make a show. They are self made YouTube superstars that used their own money (with some sponsor help I'm sure), took the time to make something amazing, and said said, "Screw it, we're making this show and we're going to have fun doing it." And the show is amazing.

Not only that, but Freddy is a good buddy of mine, I've met Ed and been on the Vinwiki channel before, and while I haven't yet met Tyler I've been told by dozens of people that he's one of the nicest guys in the industry. They are all amazing people. I can personally vouche for all 3 of these guys that there aren't any other 3 YouTubers I'd want making a show like this. Oh and they're all friends too, which comes through in the film. Nothing seems forced, everything seems genuine, and it's supremely entertaining. Exactly what we needed given the currently global situation.

For this entire series of Car Trek, Tyler, Ed, and Freddy asked the question, "What cheap exotic can you buy for less than the price of the new C8 Corvette?" And the answer was, actually quite a lot. With a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360, and Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, the guys set out to decide which car is the best bang for the buck instead of the C8.

You can check out the first episode in the video above and I IMPLORE you to watch the whole thing. It's great. And the best part? This is only episode 1.

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  • The show tells you the exact opposite, why you should buy a C8 Corvette instead.

    These guys bought these cars around $50k~$70k and except for the Fezza, the total cost rose up to $80k due to issues. And even for the Ferrari, it needed around a $10k worth of repair work including the top. And remember, a C8 Corvette is not only cheap, but comes with a factory warranty, and most of all, you don't need to spend 30 minutes filling up gas.

      2 months ago
    • I completely agree, plus Chevy is honoring the warranty even if you break down on the track. That is unprecedented. 😁

        2 months ago
    • Exactly

        2 months ago
  • If you like Top Gear, you'll love this! Which supercar would you choose? @tribe

      2 months ago