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New 'Smart' Michelin Tyre to debut on BMW M2 CS

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect will make its world premiere on the new BMW M2 CS, fitted as original equipment to the car.

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BMW's soon to arrive M2 CS will be the first car to be fitted from factory with a new type of high-tech Michelin tyre. The Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect features an integrated container for a sensor, which when present, sends data to Michelin's Track Connect mobile application allowing various statistics such as pressures and temperatures to be viewed by the driver. Michelin claims that this is the "first 100% Connect Ready tyre on the market", having been designed with sensor integration in mind. They also indicate that the tyre is predominantly focused on track use, stating that it's been developed for 80% track and 20% road driving. Despite this, it is still suitable for everyday use.

Michelin Track Connect (Photo: Michelin)

Michelin Track Connect (Photo: Michelin)

In Michelin's press release, they claim that the tyre has the potential to give gains of 7.29 seconds over 10 laps, and that after its initial debut on the M2 CS it will be available in 41 different sizes, which fit over 180 different vehicles. In regards to its physical construction, the tyre comprises two polyester piles, two steel piles and a polyamide ply. It also features several other advanced technologies such as Wavy Summit Architecture and Dynamic Response Technology. This allows for higher cornering speeds, greater stability at high speeds and a higher degree of safety both on road and at the track.

Photo: BMW

Photo: BMW

With the M2 CS slated to arrive in the second half of the year and only 2200 examples to be produced, we're eager to see and hear more about BMW's latest track-focused M car when it becomes available!

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