NEW to DriveDen - Thule Evo Roof Bar Range

30w ago


Whilst some people may not be fully aware of Thule as a brand, chances are you see their products multiple times a day. One of the world's leading manufacturers of car roof bars and travel accessories, Thule produce a huge range of high-quality products that are designed to help you transport anything you want, to anywhere you need to go.

Here in the UK, whenever you see a car go past with roof bars fitted, along with accessories like cycle carriers or a roof box, you're likely seeing Thule products...and even if they aren't displayed as such, they may even make those items and re-brand them for certain nationwide car parts and accessories shops! *cough Halfords cough*

As of October 2018, Thule is introducing a new range of roof bar products with the title of ‘Evo’ – the range includes a new WingBar design, as well as re-designed fitting systems, replacing the existing 754, 757 and 775 kits.

WingBar Evo

Thule's aerodynamically-shaped WingBars have been given a makeover, with more modern styling and crammed full of all the latest technologies to keep wind noise and drag to minimum, whilst retaining the 100kg load capacity that made the previous WingBar range so useful. A major new addition is the 'QuickAccess' system for fitting the now-standard t-track adaptors that allow users to quickly fit or remove accessories, such as cycle carriers.

The 'QuickAccess' system allows smooth installation and removal of accessories with t-track adaptors

The WingBar Evo bars will be once again available in either Silver or Black, with sizes varying depending on the specific vehicle. Although designed to be used with the new range of foot packs and fitting kits, the WingBar Evo bars will also be backwards-compatible, meaning those with existing parts can upgrade to the new bars if they want.

Evo Raised Rail

Thule produce fitting kits for almost every car on the road, and for those fitted with raised roof rails there is a new system available. In fact, the new Evo Raised Rail kit replaces two previous kits; 757 & 775. Featuring a new compact design, Thule state the Evo Raised Rail kit will fit up to 98% of cars with raised (otherwise known as open) roof rails.

The Evo Raised Rail kit will fit up to 98% of vehicles with raised roof rails

The Evo Raised Rail kit is a standalone fitting system, meaning no other fitting kit is required for each individual vehicle - the advantage being that if you have multiple vehicles with raised rails, or change vehicle to another with this type of fitting, the same kit can be used time and time again. One great feature of the new system is a torque limiter key that gives tactile feedback once the correct assembly force is applied...so it's easy to fit, safe to use and with Thule's standard safety guarantee, even wear and tear is covered for up to 2 years!

Evo Clamp

To fit roof bars to the majority of cars on UK roads will mean having clamps go just inside the door jambs. Thule's new Evo Clamp is the solution for this, replacing the previous 754 Rapid System that is amongst our most popular sellers here at DriveDen. The new system is also an evolution with a more modern design, but it continues Thule's patented clamping technology, which allows for a single attachment and adjustment point, securing both the feet to the bars and the system to the car. Together with a specific fitting kit, the Evo Clamp system will be the way for most owners to fit Thule roof bars to their vehicle.

The Evo Clamp uses a single attachment point, ensuring it's easy to fit and remove from the vehicle

As of the launch date, the Evo Clamp system will be in place for 75% of current applications, with the rest to follow by 2020. Thule have picked the top 75% sellers though, so it's almost certain that a buyer will be able to buy the new system for their car.

Along with the new products shown above there will also be new and updated versions of the ProBar and SlideBar options, and these all join the already-updated SquareBar, which was launched in March 2018. New versions of fitting systems for cars with closed roof rails and fixed-points will follow by 2020, completing the whole range.

Prices, availability etc

Despite being an entirely new range, the new Evo products will be available for the same prices as the previous range, with prices for full packages starting from as little as £114.99.

The new Evo range is available on the DriveDen website now, along with a huge range of accessories such as cycle carriers, roof boxes and water/winter sports carriers, and useful items such as lashing straps, bungee cords and load stops. Thule products can very often be mixed and matched with other brands in our range too, such as Farad or Modula.

Written by Rob W for DriveDen.com