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Hey! Firstly, this is a fantastic group - offering help and assistance to newbies is definitely much appreciated and a fantastic way to get some great new tribes recognised!
What advice would you have for somebody new to Drivetribe who wanted to grow their tribe and meet new people on here?

Feel free to join my tribe, Renault Revvers, and share/join in the banter! Thanks.

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  • Good morning Aimee! You want to check out . It takes a little time to find the ropes but it's the community that you will really come to enjoy. I put out a page of tribes who help every Monday. It'll be a little late today but here is the one from last week. These are specific people that will come engage with you and your tribe if you bump or comment at their tribe. I'll keep and eye on you. Let me know if you need any specific help with anything.



      3 years ago
    • Thank you for your help Ben I'll be sure to look into that! 😊

        3 years ago