New vauxhall insignia GSi absurd price

1y ago


Yes it’s a family car favourite, many family’s all over the uk choose Vauxhall’s everyday as there new family choice. Now though it seems that this may change.

There new insignia GSi has been produced and it’s trying it’s luck in the sport world! Under the body lies a 256 BHP 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol beast. They also offer a 206 BHP so you have a choice.

they also offer it either in a sports tourer or an estate, They both have the choice of engines. So they do have a nice variety for the buyer. With the model starting from £34,875 which is abit steep for a mid range performance car For the family. With the Volkswagen Golf R being £10 cheaper and even better the seat Leon cupra 300 being £2480 cheaper this may be a better financial offer.

Finally with a last comparison the final contender a BMW 330I M Sport Saloon car costs £1355 more than the sports tourer but even still it’s £145.00 cheaper than the sports tourer. Which is a trip to mcdonalds for the kids and a tank of fuel for your German whip.

overall The new Vauxhall looks good. It certainly entises families looking for a Mid range performance car. Although I would go for the BMW personally

let us know what you think.