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    New Volkswagen Golf R Will Be the Most Powerful Golf Ever

    The new Golf R will make its world debut on November 4

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    After the new VW Golf GTI debuted earlier this year, the countdown for the new Golf R has officially begun. Volkswagen will lift the wraps off the new hardcore hatchback on November 4. To get us excited before the big debut, Tanner Foust shared a video previewing the hot hatch confirming the reveal date. VW has now released the first official teaser image of the new Golf R and shared new details about the potent powertrain.

    The teaser image isn't very revealing, showing a close-up of the rear focusing on the car's prominent R logo. While it isn't shown in the teaser, the Golf R will have a larger rear wing, a more aggressive diffuser, and a quad exhaust system to set it apart from the Golf GTI. Unfortunately for VW, the Golf R has already shown in all its glory in leaked images. Volkswagen claims the new Golf R will be "more powerful, more dynamic, more efficient, more closely integrated, more digital." Power will be provided by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which VW claims will make the new Golf R "the most powerful Golf model" yet.

    VW hasn't released any technical specifications, but leaked documents suggest the new Golf R will have 328 horsepower on tap. A dual-clutch automatic and six-speed manual transmission will be offered, but it is expected that the manual won't be available in the US. The turbocharged engine will also boast new technology such as water-cooled exhaust gas that routes to the turbocharger in the cylinder head and variable valve timing with dual camshaft adjustment.

    Picture: Carscoops

    Picture: Carscoops

    There will also be a new all-wheel-drive system with selective wheel torque control on the rear axle. This system is controlled by a vehicle dynamics manager integrated with the electronic front differential lock and adaptive chassis control. As a result, VW claims the new Golf R offers "optimum traction characteristics, neutral and precise handling, as well as maximum agility" and "maximum driving pleasure at a previously unrivaled level." After the Golf R debuts on November 4, presales will start one day later in Germany and Europe. US availability has not been confirmed yet, but we'll hopefully find out more next week.

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    Thank you for reading today's short but cool piece of news. Being a fan of the Golf I can't wait to see what VW have got up their sleeve for the new R version. Do you like the Golf?

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