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Why is New York City venue so exciting? How couldn´t it be?

The city that never sleeps with an estimated population of 8,500,000 is welcoming an international motorsport series for the very first time, and it´s an all-electric racing series. A huge achievement for the Formula E and also to a city commited to have a cleaner air and to increase the use of renewables energies. Nowadays, the air pollution in the city is considered moderate.

The street circuit is being sited at the Brookling Cruise Terminal in Red Hook. The clockwise circuit spans a total of 1947 kilometers with 10 corners, promising a fantastic event this weekend.

The leader of the Championship, Sebastian Buemi (Renault e.dams driver) won´t be taking part in the NYC ePrix due to FIA WEC engagements. On his place the young GP2 reigning Champion driver, Pierre Gasly will have the chance to race in the series for the first time.

Also stepping in the NYC ePrix is Alex Lynn for José María López (DAS Virgin Racing driver) whom is due to the same FIA WEC engagement than Buemi.

Formula E has consolidated itself season after season and keeps growing strong. The future is electric and The Fia Formula E series is on pole position.

Recently, AUDI Sports has confirmed it will be the first German manufacturer for Season 4 and BMW will join for Season 5.

Mercedes-Benz has reserved its entry for Season 5 and it might not be the last one to step in the series.

Social media playsa big role in the series platform bringing fans, drivers and cars together in the Evillages (entry free for ticket holders) where autograph sessions take place and you can interact playing races on the simulators against other fans and even drivers!

The perfect armony between technology and music has been reached. VR allows you to take a virtual lap across the circuit. Roboraces-driverless support race (since season 3) as well as a DJ are present for fans entertainment during the venue creating a truly electrifying atmosphere.

The FANBOOST is a plus, through the online platform you can give a boost to your favourite driver by voting. The three most voted drivers get extra speed during the race thanks to you! The concept is fans to be part of the series, and it has been proven a success.

Season four is set to start at December, 2017 with new venues added to the calendar, those are: Rome,Italy, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago de Chile.

Formula E has a particularly caracteristic of showcasing like no other motorsport event, each of the cities where races take place, allowing an audience of millions of people to see the most beautiful ladscapes in the world.

Full Schedule | Season 4 | 2017-2018

Full Schedule | Season 4 | 2017-2018

Currently, there are 10 all electric racing teams. 20 drivers. Each team has two drivers and each driver has two cars with 200 kW available (race mode 170 kwh).

Around the middle of a race when batteries reach their limit, cars come into the garage and a super fast car-change is done by the driver.
As technology development continues, its expected that by Season 5 a team will no longer need two cars per driver.

NYC is the penultimate date of the season which ends this month with another double header race in the gorgeous city of Montreal, Canada. It will be the first time for the city to take part in the calendar of the series.

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