New York Reveal - Porsche Taycan

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When you are a prospective buyer, you get wine and dined to exclusive, invite only events. It is one of several marketing tools that luxury manufacturers exercise to introduce new products. Unfortunately, I was unable to physically attend due to a work conference. So I passed the invitation to my close friend who happens to be an extremely talented photographer, Tony Yang.

The Taycan, formely known as the Mission E Project, displays the electrified design philosophy of Porsche. I can't wait to get the invite to finally drive one on the road. Sorry Tony, I may not be able to forward that invite for next time.

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All photos and video media by Tony Yang

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  • What does Taycan stand for?

    1 month ago
    • The name, announced by Chief Executive Oliver Blume at Porsche's 70th anniversary celebration on Friday, means “lively, young horse”, reflecting the iconic rearing black...

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      1 month ago
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